Video: Vorys’ Online Seller Enforcement Program

Vorys has developed an Online Seller Enforcement Program which incorporates innovative graduated enforcement systems that combine technology, investigation, and legal tactics to monitor, identify, and eradicate unauthorized online sellers.

The internet has made selling products more competitive than ever. It has also led to an increasing number of unauthorized sales.

Unauthorized sales are upsetting legitimate sellers, disrupting MAP policies, damaging brands, and shrinking profit margins.

Whitney GibsonWe recognized this problem, and we have developed a system to fight it. Our Online Seller Enforcement Program is an innovative and comprehensive program that combines technology, the expertise of cyber investigators and legal tactics to help stop unauthorized sellers. Led by Whitney Gibson, our online seller enforcement group is leading the way in bringing together all of the thought leadership, strategies, and tactics under one roof.

The First Sale Doctrine

As mentioned in the video above, we advise clients on ways to help defeat the First Sale Doctrine defense. We then work with cyber investigators to identify the sources of unauthorized sales. This includes determining how many products are out there and where to send electronic cease and desist letters.

If unauthorized sellers do not comply with the letters, we consult with the cyber investigators to identify the unknown sellers. Once we identify the sellers, we deliver cease and desist letters to their actual addresses. At that point, if the sellers are still not cooperating, our enforcement team uses proven tactics to help stop them.

Our Online Seller Enforcement Program is customizable; clients can select the approaches that work best for them.

Many clients have reduced the number of unauthorized products for sale in just a few months through our program. Take a few moments to look at our program in more detail and start taking the appropriate steps to stop unauthorized sellers.

For more information, contact Vorys’ Illegal Online Seller Enforcement team at (513) 723-4823. Follow Whitney on Twitter (@WhitneyCGibson).

About Whitney Gibson

Whitney Gibson

Whitney is a partner and leader of the firm’s group that focuses on internet brand and reputation issues, including both illegal online sales enforcement and internet defamation.
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