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Our graduated enforcement process is used by major brands across the country.

Legal Framework

Step 1

Step 2

Find Unauthorize Sellers

We work with leading monitoring companies to conduct a comprehensive internet and marketplace scan and provide a monthly report of illegitimate online sellers to the brand for their review.

Step 3

Send Electronic C&Ds

Vorys sends electronic cease and desist letters to select high-volume sellers, and company sends softer cease and desist letters to lower-volume sellers.

Step 4

Identify Non-Responsive Sellers

Investigators purchase products from high volume, non-responsive sellers and conduct a comprehensive investigation to try and determine their identities.

Step 5

Send Physical C&Ds

Vorys sends physical cease and desist letters to high-volume, non-responsive sellers.

Working with the brand, we create the foundation to help the brand defeat a first sale doctrine defense by an unauthorized seller.

Step 6

Report & Provide Recommendations

Monthly reports detail the prior month's results, information about remaining unauthorized sellers, and recommended targets and next steps.

Step 7

Escalated Legal Enforcement

As needed, Vorys can draft complaints, file subpoenas and lawsuits, seek injunctions with the objective of being able to freeze PayPal accounts, work to obtain court orders that can ultimately be submitted to search engines for potential de-indexing of the offending sites and more.

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Learn why the Vorys' program has helped so many brands take steps to:

Recruit and maintain positive relationships with legitimate distributors

Implement and preserve quality controls in distribution channels

Improve the effectiveness and efficiency of brand protection efforts





Reduce profit erosion and protect brand reputation

We help businesses protect their brand, channel partners and revenue


Vorys, Sater, Seymour and Pease LLP

Since its founding in 1909, our firm has grown into one of the largest law firms in the country, representing thousands of companies around the world.

Looking to protect your brand online?

Vorys' innovative approach of combining an array of technological, investigative, and legal tools and services have delivered measurable results to many of our clients. Of course we can't guarantee results, but we're confident in our ability to help our clients combat these illegal sales online.

Vorys' online enforcement group provides programs for companies confronting unauthorized sales, grey market sales, counterfeit sales, Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) violators, and other illegal sales on the internet.  By matching its attorneys who prosecute online sellers with a network of investigators and technology, Vorys has developed and implemented customized programs to help brands stop a wide variety of illegitimate sales activity.

Our Unauthorized Online Seller Program can create a foundation for valid claims against third-party unauthorized sellers followed by an innovative graduated enforcement system that combines technology, investigation, and legal tactics to monitor, identify, and help stop illegal online sellers efficiently and effectively.

Don't let your brand reputation become a mess

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