Authorized Resellers and MAP

Setting Up an Authorized Internet Retailer Program

Minimum advertised price policies, or “MAP” policies, restrict the price at which products can be advertised. In other words, they set the lowest price at which a retailer is allowed to advertise a manufacturer’s products—including for internet sales—regardless of the price at which the products might actually be sold.

Well crafted authorized retailer programs and MAP policies are generally effective for keeping authorized sellers on track and from advertising discounts. We have the expertise to help brand owners put the processes, agreements, policies and strategies in place to address authorized and unauthorized seller issues.

Working with leading technology providers and cyber investigators, we help brand owners consolidate technological, investigative and legal services into a single, more integrated approach to controlling authorized dealers.

Below is an example of a comprehensive program we have helped clients implement.

Step 1

Authorized Reseller Program

Set up program and draft agreements to ensure distributors can only sell to authorized sellers who abide by authorized reseller agreements or policies.

Step 2

Unauthorized Seller Prep

Vorys helps brands implement necessary quality controls and material differences into agreements and policies to support unauthorized seller enforcement.

Step 3

Authorized Online Retailers

Draft policies that require authorized retailers to seek permission to sell online and provide URLs/screen names so companies can track their prices and more easily identify unauthorized sellers.

Step 4

Identify MAP Violators

Working with a leading price monitoring service provider, discover MAP offenders, including unauthorized sellers, on search engines, comparison shopping sites and third-party marketplaces.

Step 5

Authorized Seller Enforcement

Contact authorized sellers regarding their MAP violations. Consult with Vorys concerning issues raised by sellers who receive MAP violations notices.

Step 6

Unauthorized Seller Enforcement

Leverage Vorys' graduated unauthorized online seller enforcement system in order to remove unauthorized sellers. Learn more.

Step 7

Escalated Legal Enforcement

As needed, Vorys can draft complaints, file subpoenas and lawsuits, work to obtain court orders that can ultimately be submitted to search engines for potential de-indexing of the offending sites, seek injunctions with the objective of being able to shut down websites and more.