A MAP Policy is Not a Strategy

Comprehensive Approach Needed for eCommerce Success

Develop an Ecommerce Strategy to Regain Control of Your Ecommerce Sales

Many companies today want to control their ecommerce channels, run a successful Minimum Advertised Price Policy program and stop unauthorized sellers. But they fail to put in place an ecommerce strategy that incorporates each of the components necessary to achieve these goals. We hear from many of these companies. They’re often frustrated because they have failed to achieve their business goals.

Vorys provides Strategy Consultations to help businesses develop comprehensive approaches that achieve business goals.  By working with many nationally recognized brands on strategies to remove unauthorized third-party sellers from online marketplaces, implement MAP programs and protect their brand equity, we have seen first-hand what works and what doesn’t work. We understand what companies must do to be best positioned to control their ecommerce channels, stop unauthorized sellers or run a successful Minimum Advertised Price Enforcement or MAP programs.  We have helped companies develop ecommerce strategies from scratch, and we have helped triage faulty or ineffective strategies for some of the world’s largest brands.

To control their ecommerce sales, businesses typically have to implement a distribution plan, underlying policies, agreements and procedures, and enforcement. Our consultations include a thorough review of these areas and recommendations for improvements.

Our Approach

Policies, Agreements and Procedures


We review brands’ goals and their current policies and agreements, and then recommend the specific policies, agreements and procedures they should implement.  Our recommendations are generally designed to support companies’ e-commerce strategies.  Primarily, we help businesses build a strong foundation to pursue and control not just authorized sellers who are selling in unauthorized channels online or below MAP, but also third-party unauthorized sellers.



A company’s distribution strategy can have a major impact on its ability to control unauthorized sellers, enforce MAP, and increase sales in its e-commerce channels.  While working with more than 100 brands on these matters, we have seen first-hand which distribution strategies work best to achieve these goals.  During our consultation, we review each of the different ways a company distributes its products and then provide our recommendations regarding the company’s distribution plan, including its e-commerce distribution.


minimum advertised price enforcement

We also help companies develop enforcement strategies that best align with their goals and budget. If a company has a program in place, we have helped them improve its efficiency and effectiveness.  We can recommend monitoring technologies and design comprehensive workflows that combine the monitoring, investigation and enforcement tactics that will best meet goals and budgets.  We apply years of experience working with myriad monitoring and investigation companies and conducting enforcement to help determine the best approach for our clients.

Our Consultations

30-Minute Consultation

We provide complimentary 30-minute consultations to qualified companies to discuss current strategies.  We will provide recommendations about best practices and address your initial questions.

Virtual Consultation - $1,000

We will interview internal stakeholders to learn the company’s e-commerce and brand protection goals, review its distribution methods and assess its current policies and agreements.  Afterwards, we will provide recommendations regarding the steps needed to help the company control its e-commerce channels, stop unauthorized sellers or diverters, and improve the success of its MAP program.

We will recommend specific policies and agreements the company should implement on the front end (or changes to pre-existing documents) to be best positioned to achieve their goals.  We will also recommend distribution and enforcement approaches.

On-Site Meetings and Workshops

We have also found it is productive to visit our clients and conduct two-hour meetings or half-day workshops in-person with key stakeholders of a business, typically including those from e-commerce, legal, sales and other departments.

During these workshops, we discuss the overall goals of the business and develop a strategy that works best to meet their goals, including distribution, policies and agreements, as well an approach to enforcement. The costs for these workshops differ depending on the size of the company, complexity of current programs and clients’ particular needs.

Our Team