Online Traffic Diversion

Reclaim Intentionally Misdirected Internet Traffic

Many companies that are battling counterfeiters or unauthorized sellers are also battling internet traffic diversion schemes.

Internet traffic diversion occurs when companies or their representatives attempt to use the registered trademarks of well-known/reputable companies to divert web traffic to other websites – for their own commercial benefit. The offender (a competitor, counterfeiter or unauthorized seller) hijacks the goodwill of other companies’ products and brands in order to draw consumers to their own products. Online traffic diversion can take on a number of different forms.

Working with leading technology companies, Vorys is able to combine the full suite of technological, investigative and legal strategies, led by online brand protection professionals, to help brand owners put a stop to traffic diverters.

Step 1

Establish Legal Foundation

Working with the brand, we help them to develop an anti-diversion program and a foundation for valid claims against internet traffic diversion schemes.

Step 2

Find Potential Schemes

A comprehensive scan of websites, marketplaces, mobile apps, social networks and PPC ads is completed in order to identify possible offenders.

Step 3

Risk Analysis and Prioritization

A brand protection expert analyzes the content and metrics and prioritizes the level of risk to the brand owner.

Step 4

Legal Analysis

Traffic diversion schemes are reviewed by a Vorys internet traffic diversion attorney. Specific recommendations for addressing issues are created based on risk, severity, impact and validity of the company’s legal claims.

Step 5

Send C&Ds

Vorys sends cease and desists letters to targeted offenders, marketplaces or hosting companies; softer cease and desist letters are sent to less serious offenders.

Step 6

Report & Provide Recommendations

Monthly reports detail the prior month's results, information about remaining offenders, and recommended targets and next steps.

Step 7

Escalated Legal Enforcement

As needed, Vorys will draft complaints, file subpoenas and lawsuits, seek injunctions with the objective of being able to shut down websites, work to obtain court orders that can ultimately be submitted to search engines for potential de-indexing of the offending sites and more.