Cutting edge strategies combining law, investigations, and technology to protect businesses’ online distribution channels

Why MAP Policies Fail

Why MAP Policies Fail And What You Can Do So Your Policy Doesn’t

Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) policies can be effective in keeping authorized distributors from advertising unauthorized discounts. However, manufacturers must also employ strategies that help them to overcome unauthorized retailers. From controlling distribution, defeating the First Sale Doctrine defense, to tackling online traffic diversion schemes – Vorys will help you prevent MAP policy failure…

Diverted Traffic

Companies Should be Aware of and Seek to Stop Traffic Diversion by Competitors

Unauthorized sales are causing issues for many companies across numerous industries. In highly competitive spaces, such as the beauty or skin care industries, a common but much less talked about issue affecting many of these same companies is traffic diversion.

Unauthorized and Grey Market Sales

We implement innovative graduated enforcement systems that combine technology, investigations, and legal tactics to monitor, identify, and efficiently and effectively help stop and eradicate unauthorized online sellers.

Authorized Resellers and MAP

Authorized distributors play a critical role in our clients’ efforts to control distribution. We work with our clients to monitor their authorized distributors and MAP violators and help ensure compliance with company agreements and policies.

Internet Counterfeiters

We help clients eliminate illegal counterfeit sellers by removing their products and websites, seizing their websites and proceeds, and by pursuing enforcement directly against them until they cease selling products.

Online Traffic Diversion

Companies can be exploited by competitors who misappropriate their trademarks to divert traffic to the competitors’ own websites. We help clients stop these bad actors from hijacking the goodwill of our clients’ brands.

Domestic and International Programs

We have developed an array of tools to address illegal online sellers in the U.S. and abroad. Our services can be implemented throughout the world, and we continue to develop programs in accordance with foreign laws.

Measurable Results

Tracking results can both motivate authorized sellers and deter potential unauthorized sellers. Clients receive detailed reporting that enables them to quantify results they are experiencing.

Take a Deeper Look

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Vorys Online Enforcement Group

Online Seller Enforcement

We offer and implement cutting edge strategies combining legal, investigative, and technological techniques to efficiently and effectively protect clients’ online distribution channels, trademarks, and brands.

Internet Defamation

Our internet defamation group has extensive experience protecting and repairing the reputations of businesses and professional, identifying anonymous posters and removing false and defamatory content from the internet. Learn more.

Patent and IP Infringement

We have represented a wide array of industries and technologies in creating and protecting their patent applications. We offer comprehensive services that encompass the entire patent process and ensure our clients are protected. Learn more.

Misleading Marketing and Advertising

We help police the content of our clients’ competitors and meet our clients’ goals within the boundaries of the law, as well as facilitate the relationships between our clients and their advertising and public relations agencies. Learn more.

Whitney Gibson, chair of Vorys’ technology and intellectual property group, will be presenting at the Professional Pricing Society’s 28th Annual Spring Pricing Workshops & Conference in Miami, FL, May 2-5, 2017. Learn more.

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Whitney Gibson, chair of the firm’s technology and intellectual property group, was quoted in a Bloomberg BusinessWeek story about charging businesses to redact and edit negative and/or false reports on the website. Read more.

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